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I conduct a fair amount of my work through email.  In the business sense, it is generally straight forward.  I make coatings
recommendations for many industrial applications.  Because of the many unseen parameters (and sometimes lack of exact
critical data, i.e. guessing) one has to look at the data and not the person.  Most of us understand this.  It is not personal,
we just have to get to the conclusion.

Somehow, Andrew has hacked off a few people over the years where they took it personal.  I just never read his posts that
way.  Andrew's style is much like mine at work.  If I don't agree with someone, I tend to post questions back which require a
person to consider looking at things a different way, or provide examples of what has worked in similar situations.  This goes
for me as well.  There are a lot more people who are smarter than me in my field.

At Hillrunner, I tend to post replies on my direct running experience.  Dozens of times I have posted my exact workout routine
from 6 weeks to 3 months on what I did.  I do this because this is what I practiced.  Eventually, finding what works for me, or
what I preferred.  Andrew is much more into the science than I.  I don't read that stuff.  He also drills people down to see if
they have considered other options, or what is their running pedigree.  He often posts links for consideration.  I never have.

Now I have called people out on here.  Sometimes people are almost asking for you to.

The two people I respect most on this board are Ryan and Andrew.  Andrew for critical thinking (and occasional word I need the
dictionary for) and Ryan for his hands on running and racing experience.

dring, keep coming back.  I enjoyed your comments.

Now, about “feel”:

– I like to run 20-30 minutes before making a “feel” decision.  Your right, sometimes the workouts come out well.
– If I have a planned workout (tougher), I try not to compromise the workout the day before so I “feel” better the next day.  Let
  that day worry about itself.
– I always “feel” worse on AM runs than PM runs.
– On most general weekly runs (ones without a set workout), I do run how I “feel”.  Which for me is a gentle acceleration through the run.
  Meaning I am running faster as I progress.  It just seems natural.
– Treadmill running.  For me these are 35 – 45 minutes of no incline, no nothing; straight ahead running.  Because in my little mind it is
  perfect running conditions.  I tend to ratchet these up to a maximum pace with crisp running.  I want to “feel” this workout in the sense
  I actually accomplished something.  I keep them short for a reason.  They are easy to recover from. 
– When I “feel” like eating wings instead of running, there is 50% chance I will not run.