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Andrew A.

I love running and coaching running.

That is ultimately all that matters here and I feel that your father's advice is good for all of us.  There have been misunderstandings here before and there likely will be misunderstandings as long as this site and forum continue to exist.  Nothing special or particularly horrible about it.  I do my best to strike a balance between clarity and efficiency, sometimes erring towards the latter.  I like this site's forum in particular because it is as close to a no-b.s. zone (with apologies to various media outlets that may lay claim to that motto) that I can find regarding distance running — thoughts and ideas are discussed and considered (and even vigorously debated) primarily upon their merits, not based on the messenger alone or even primarily.  I admire other regular visitors for their honesty.  Unlike several other forums, this one does not seem to be centered on serving as a placebo for anyone's lack of social life/standing nor does it thrive on prolific, gratuitous trolling/flaming.  Ability to shmooze or blow smoke up the arse of another may gain traction elsewhere, just not here.  I love running and I like runners, as a rule, so it is out of that passion that I give my honest take based on the best information I have seen.  On the same token, I have expressed thoughts that I have felt compelled to retract or double-back on.  Though we may seek excellence, none of us claims perfection.  Just part of the learning and growing process, something that many of us are committed to for a lifetime.  There is absolutely no animosity or malice toward anyone whose consistent behavior has not earned such consideration.  I am no freaking genius, I sure as heck do not have all the answers.  My intellectual curiosity does compel me to seek out the best answers available, however.  At any rate, this is digressing into rambling.  In short, welcome aboard!