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okay, I confess, I use the treadmill a lot… last year we had bunches of snow and this area (near DC) has no idea how to plow the roads let alone bike paths (where I usually run)…then as the weather got better it would still refreeze at night and add ice to the mix. I don't do ice.

as ksrunner mentioned, TV… it helped last winter a lot.

other ideas, progression runs ( start really easy and add 0.1 to the speed every half mile), ladders (add 0.2 till you are moving rather fast, then decrease speed ), uses the preprogrammed workouts ( usually hills )… timed fartleks, use the clock feature on the treadmill to kick the speed up for the first 15 of every minute, or 30 seconds or one minute on , one minute easy.

try deep-water jogging… if you think the treadmill is boring, the pool is even more so (not even a hill feature)… I've added the pool this winter in the evening as running in the dark bothers me (women have a few more worries)… at least on Tues & Thursday the dive team is there and they are really fun to watch. Best thing about cross-training is that when I get back outside it feel SO GOOD to run, so much easier, more free.

and keep track of ALL of this in your running log, it helps me stay motivated to see the totals at the end of the week, good luck, spring will get here eventually…