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As I was running to work this morning, the sun wasn't fully up yet. I saw one of my neighbors. I didn't quite hear what he said, but I did catch “really dedicated”. This morning's weather really wasn't bad. The temperature was in the mid-20's and there wasn't even much wind. Nevertheless, that comment made me feel good and has stayed with me today. Sometimes when I am running in the more severe weather, I imagine what the people in their warm cars are thinking about me. Though I am sure that more often than not, they're thinking, “That guy's a whacko!”

I apologize for not really answering your question with my first post, but I think that treadmill running is inherently boring and that lack of mental stimulation is the price of avoiding the weather. That said, if you're a competitive or performance-oriented person, it might help to focus on racing and how the workout will help you in your races. I often think about races past and future and of how I might react if a certain situation arises in a race. Be careful if you try this on the roads, thoughts of racing often lead to subconscious increases of pace which won't help if the goal of the workout is recovery.

Another option for indoor running might be to find somewhere with an indoor track or a long hallway where you could get in a workout. I recommend that you ask permission before you start sprinting down the hallway in an office building or mall.