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GTF, you have made comments in other strings about the decline of the American marathoner.  What it comes down to, is that most runners are not willing to put in that much work.  The quantity, intensity and conditions under which he trained are unimaginable to most.  What is most impressive, to me, is the independence of his training.  I have read that Squires generally gave Beardsley his workouts over the phone and left it up to him to maintain the intensity.  Check out the March 3 airport workout! Who does that?

Good stuff.

Well, no, given the massive influx of willfully uncompetitive types into running events (including marathons) it will be an ever-shrinking proportion of runners who genuinely seek to run their best.  What has changed in less than a generation from 1983 until now that would also push a decline in the raw numbers of those who do so?  The Hansons runners and Mahon's runners and plenty of others “put in that much work.”  The outcome of both of the recent OT marathons suggested good things for the sport and a good chunk of those athletes primarily train alone.  Then again, numbers from adjacent years do not look rosy at all.  It is a mixed bag and there are plenty of challenges, but there is good work being done and much of it starts at the local, grassroots level.