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I was always amazed at how strong you could get around 80 a week.  Imagen what another 60 does for you.  Another observation was that when you can cover 10 miles fairly easy in an hour it does not take as much time as one might think.  Not that it is easy.  Heck, when you think about it, an exceptional runner could run 100 miles a week in 11 hours a week.  That's about 1:35 a day, again for an exceptional runner.

People ask me why I prefer to run everyday.  The perception is I would be better off with rest or cross training.  I would definately FEEL better or FRESHER more days, but I'm not trying to have the run strong workout, if this makes sense.  I try and run everyday and still rest by:

1.  How I feel
2.  Daily heart rate.
3.  Hard/Easy

After months of this you just go run and the runs feel about the same.  You just get stronger, if you have never been there I cannot explain the feeling.  This is when I try and get specific.  I completely understand at this point in life I could run 5 days a week and do pretty well.  Honestly, the 7 day a week approach is easier for me.  After a good 32 years of high and lows I just flat out love to train for something.  You learn so much about yourself when you do it everyday.  There are always issues, you just figure them out.

I take days off.  I would argue you need to.  The winter is an excellent time to just train without pressure.  Somedays I run an hour at 9 minute miles, but I'm plowing through snow and ice.  That is some darn good resistance training.  I would not doubt that in the summer that some regular training runs will be sub 7 pace.  When you run everday and click off a 20 miler at sub 7 pace, then why wouldn't you perceive you could break 2:50?  This stuff seems easy to me.  I don't understand why everyone wants to ask what they could do for a marathon.  If your training for one, your answering those questions daily and more so if you run everyday.  Why?  Because your feedback is based under load, not some freshed up training run.

Now is when the work is down.  The rest is just window dressing.