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Rita, I know it is more difficult for some people than others but do you really feel that, when you're eating right and training well, your weight doesn't take care of itself? Beyond being a motivating factor if you see a number you don't like (a perfectly legitimate reason for stepping on the scale if that is the motivating factor you need), does stepping on the scale help?

until I turned 35 I could eat (and frequently did) more than enough to embarrass myself and those who dined with me and I was skin and bones… I rode horses, didn't run…I never worried about weight, unless it was that I was too skinny… after the second kid it really changed, first I did portion control… I had just started running about two years before I had my second, actually ran my first 10K when I was 4 months along… mostly jogged 20-25 mpw… when he was about a year old I started gently adding miles… now it takes serious reduction of portions & carbs along with 60-70 mpw, lack of stress (like not worrying about my kids grades, ie. summer) and getting lots of sleep & staying watchfully hydrated… could be that diabetes thing in my family history trying to take over my life :o.. but I'm not going to let that happen!  that little number every morning really helps me stay motivated, on the other hand I gave myself a week to relax while on vacation, just kept the running up and limited the 'junk'…