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I considered the early pace, but the first 7 miles are far easier than the later miles. 

In 2006 the first seven were 42:58, last year 42:22, and this year 42:27, so I ruled out anything to due with a fast start.
The first 3 were quicker.  17:54 this year compared to 18:23 in 2006 and 18:12 in 2007, but there was an early pack that
I went with this year.  I felt it was worth it to stick with them early in the race, as this one spreads the field out quickly.

For the heat, I train with loose fitting tights year round, along with long sleeve shirts and jackets.  The only time the legs are just in shorts is on race day.  It takes temps in the 70's to get me out of my jackets.  I never felt hot in the race.

I am leaning towards hydration issues.  I may have just become somewhat complacent and paid for it.  Thinking back, after the race I drank about 24 ounces right after, then another 8 ounces +/- a little later but did not urinate until about 4 hours after the race.

I know it is hard to diagnose they things on line, but appreciate the input.