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Sue, you're ranking Fox Cities down that far? Weren't you the one not long ago telling me that Fox Cities may be worth considering? I've been giving Fox Cities serious thought as a potential future marathon but, if they don't treat the competitive runners well, maybe I'd be better off sticking with Lakefront or trying out something like Quad Cities.

I do find it interesting how many people are ranking Grandma's fairly low. Maybe I didn't get the full perspective because I had free lodging and a personal escort to the starting area but, while my race experience couldn't have been much worse (my issues, nothing to do with the race itself) it seemed like they put on a good event.

Ryan, if you want to run a race for “fun” (and I know you don't) then I'd recommend the “low-key” attitude of FC.  The spectators are wonderful.  But honestly,  the treatment as a competitive runner that I got between Ottawa and FC is night and day.    I was trying to talk you into it, so I could meet you.  From what I hear, if you don't need spectators, stick with Lakefront.  Sounds like you guys have an awesome RD.  I'm pissed that it looks like I won't make it.