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I have had guys tell me they have ran 4:08 and even 4:02 in the mile based on some quazi workout the coach had them run.  Okay.  Seriously, I never heard of you.  This is fairly common.  I also hear what people estimate they could have run over a certain distance.  It is a bit harder when your actually doing it.  I was a hack at ultras, but I actually knew I had to post a time at Nationals to be considered.  Get this, you have to actually have a time run over a certified course, with marshalls, and a USATF membership.  I wasn't fast, but I couldn't just talk about what was possible.  Everthing appears possible with the number 2 pencil and paper.

At first, this Bolt character surprised me, but when he said it was about obtaining the gold medal and not time I embraced this.  He's out to beat people.  I like that.