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I'm a cheapskate. I just get whatever Coolmax (or other similar material) socks I can find for the lowest price.

I am with you.  I buy the cheapest sock that I can buy.  Well, as long as it is also thin.  I hate thick socks.

me too.  unfornuately if you like thin socks, keep your toenails trim.  Holes are okay, but when your big toe sticks all the way out– :'(.   Well, maybe not, I'll still choose that pair over some deemed “too thick”

It only takes one toenail that is a bit too long to jam into another toe and draw blood before you get pretty anal about trimming.   😉

some of us are verrrrrrrrry slow learners.  I won't even talk about stubborness and my refusal to use body glide (the skin will toughen up!!)