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Not exactly – The closest I come is to that I generally try to run hard-easy principal.  I usually know that I am going to run “Hard”, but not what hard will look like.  I may have a general time frame I plan to run, I may not on hard days.  I have run weekday hard runs of 2-6+ hours.  As I am running the 1st 10-16 miles, I will gauge how I am feeling.

Sometimes I will just do a 20-22 LSD as I am feeling a bit tired yet.

Sometimes I feel good, but I am in the mood for speed, so I will do a Tempo run or something like 5×5 minutes @ CV in a 20-30 mile run.

Other times, I decide I want to go long and run LSD for 30-40+ miles.

Occassionally it is a total bust day and I will cut it off @ 6-8 miles in effect making it 2 easy days in a row, and do the hard day the next.

On a very rare occassion, I feel so good I double up on hard days … but that has happened maybe 4-5 times this year so far.

This is usually during base training where my goal is 1 speed work out a week and as many miles as possible – My preception of as many miles as possible has really changed in the 2010 build up … just silly type of mileage.