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the last two years I've just gotten into trying to be consistent… trying to keep most of my weeks in the 50-60 range, my staple workout is 6 on my lunch break. As I am trying to do a marathon in each of the 50 states I spent WAY too much time tapering and recovering three years ago. Last year changed to a two week taper which worked great.This year I am planning on that as well as less of a recovery as I am just jogging through the 26 miles. I add in extra work outs some days if I feel good, AM if I wake up too early, after work if the dog seems too frisky, PM if I am too tense from situations at home (AM and PM might be on the treadmill if it's dark outside, being safe as I tend to trip outside in the dark).

Two weeks ago I got 76 miles in, a personal best. It made me realize that for me, my mileage has a lot to do with what is going on in my life at any given time. Last week and this week everything has gone to heck, but as I'm tapering I have cut myself some slack. There are days when I feel I'm barely standing after being up half the night with the dog and the cat, staying up late with my kid's activities and getting up extra early to get my hubby to work for a special project, and putting in my 40 hours at work, cooking, shopping, etc.. Going out of town and jogging 26 miles is the ONLY time I can truly call my own.

running 'plan'… yeah, I plan to run as much as there is time in my life on the days I don't feel like dirt. I look forward to retirement in about four years when I can schedule my life around my running, go back to the track group and see what I can do in the 60+ age group.