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I definitely see your point – and agree that pepper spray is the most humane and most likely to not cause death.  I forget that people would not learn how to use the devices properly and end up doing more harm than good. 

Its just that some dark morning runs are really ruined when you are scared by a suddenly lunging and snarling dog going after your bare calfs.  That also can set your entire day into a bad direction.

Trust me I would never look for loose dogs vigilante style – they are somebody's family member – I always cross to the other side of the street when I see or hear dogs just in case they are unrestrained. 

Some times I am concentrating on my mechanics and locations of any aches and pains so much so that I do not pay enough attention to my total surroundings. 

If you have had success with pepper spray – that will be good enough for me.  All I was doing was looking for alternatives on the internet and saw those other devices listed for jogger protection and then saw that Wisconsin says no to them. 

Day by Day – Run by Run – and consistency will come.