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…we keep hearing now about how the BAA wants to do something about how quickly the marathon fills up. Why not ask everyone to go faster? Tighten the qualifying times across the board by 5-10 minutes and I bet you won't have near as much of a problem with the field filling too quickly. It may tick off a few people but other ideas I've seen (for example, a lottery system like NYCM) are sure to tick off people also. No matter what they do, they are going to tick off people so why not keep the “mystique” (for lack of a better word) of the qualifying times and maybe even enhance that image by making them a little tougher? They weren't shy about loosening the standards in the past when they wanted to grow the field, why be shy about tightening them back up when they need to control field size?

Even if it means I'll never get a BQ again, I think that tightening the BQ standards is the way to go. When they went to the two-wave start it made me think that most of the second wave (including me) were 'posers'… Okay, I was one of the age-groupers but still, not really in contention for much of aything. I don't think the historical context of Boston would be reflected with a lottery. I do hope they'll leave a bit of an age-group cushion and a female cushion as well.

Closed in less than 12 hours is ludicrous, but part of that is because of the people who got shut out last year. Can't wait to see how it's handled. No matter what they do people will scream.