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pski wrote:
Walz and Kirschbaum were kind of bit by my own mistake, you train for a certain time and want to say the hell with it, I’m running for time, what do us HACKS have to lose. Nothing but a little foolish pride.

This was actually the root of my problems, also. The moment I left Double was the moment I decided to time trial it instead of racing it. I wanted sub-2:40 when the conditions didn’t seem so bad, I went for PR or bust when the conditions worsened. In the end, I burned myself by going after something that was just not going to happen on that day. Walz and Kirschbaum were not alone out there in not making the wise decision to adjust to the conditions. It’s actually kind of ironic that I did so well two years ago by making the correct decision to adjust when others made the rookie mistake of not adjusting but, with more experience under my belt, I was the one making the rookie mistake this time around.

Have a good one in New York. I know you’ll be making better decisions on the course than some of us did at Lakefront.