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Both my sons are running cross country this fall. The older one is a freshman who has not liked running all that much and he's always lacked self confidence. He did a complete turn-around at the first meet, and ran just over 20 min for 5K and has been 11th – 12th for the team. His buddy is fighting for a top 7 spot as a freshman, and that's been the kicker.

The younger one ran 2.5K for 10 to 14 year olds last weekend and was narrowly nipped for 3rd overall after putting on a late charge, but he won the 11-12 division. I'm coaching his middle school team this year.

last week my son had a bad day and ran 9th, yesterday he was 7th man and was much happier… what happened is that TWICE a guy from another team that he had passed, re-passed him then slowed down, it got him mad and he told me he 'dusted' them… guess that's what it takes, hopefully the lesson is learned… it was hot & humid and this week like last week his HS boys team won… this week they held 7 of the top 8 and 9 of the top 15 spots…