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Not exactly a paradox, it simply means that if all one is willing to invest is 50 mpw (or any similarly low volume) then designs on performance aims for a marathon do not mean much.  Attempts to put too large of a proportion of the overall volume into one run are counterproductive, despite irrational beliefs to the contrary.  On 50 mpw, one would do just as well if not better by keeping daily volume between 5 and 13 miles (and running all seven days of the week) than by doing any runs over 16 miles.

while in principle I agree (as I've done 60 mpw with a LR or 16, which was, as Ryan implied, actually easy) with this there are many runners who have other issues, like life schedules, health or weather, biomechanical problems that get in the way of running 7 days a week… for me (being a very slow/untalented runenr) 60 mpw with split runs seemd similar to better/faster runners doing 70 or more mpw (time-wise)… I found that PRs fell without speed work (okay, they were soft to begin with) and recovery seemed easier as well sice the runs were 'easy'… with less than 50 mpw the LR is a challenge, but I enjoy them so much..