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It seems as if people have more natural endurance when they are younger but I could be wrong.  Through experience when i was younger I remember doing jog a thons  at my middle school.  I used to to max out the amount of laps easily when I was 9- 10 years old.  But when I got a bit older I found that it felt harder and I didn't even max the laps out.  This was all before I even got into distance running.

Will he burn out?   I doubt “burning out” would happen.    To me it would seem pretty hard to burn out.  You are more likely to get injured before you “burn out”.

Will he have a successful future? No one really knows for sure.  All a runner can do is stay motivated, love running, and train consistently/correctly/carefully and see where he or she can go with it.  We can't all be all-stars or Olympians however improvements in running can be a lifelong fulfilling thing.