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A half-marathon is a real good workout. This may fit your training plans better considering it is still March. Lean towards stength stuff early in the year. With w/u and c/d it would be a good 18 mile day.

Jeff, if you lean towards speed I would still get close to 20 once a month. Your already fast. Don’t let the genie out of the bottle until you have a plan.

With half the free world in Wisconsin running marathons in the fall, it will be tough to sit on the side lines. Trust me, we know all the same people. Consider getting around 60-70 over the summer and do the other stuff. Just be sure to not cheat yourself in major marathon workouts.

If I was you I would just plain run in the next marathon. Go out and just get into cruise control. The summer races will make you tough and show you where you should be.

Look, the marathon is basically about strength for slugs like us. Speed is good, but we are already fairly fast and do enough speed/races through the summer. Take 6-8 weeks to concentrate on elevating the miles and it will pay off. Your not a kid anymore. These shorter cycles are easier to accomplish, stay focused on, build for the future, and don’t totally wear your a$$ out.

By August you’ll know what you want to do and you’ll still have time to get ready for a decent marathon.