Re: Reasons


The reason the XFL failed and the WNBA is failing is overdose. Do we need more football in the off season? Especially something that corny. Do we need more Basketball in the summer? Obviously not.

I wasn’t trying to compare running to the NBA. I was comparing the amount of products to market. Someone mentioned that there isn’t anything in running to market for products and I was saying there there is just as much as in basketball or even football for that matter. They don’t market the pads.

Bowling and Poker are too boring “sports” but you see that crap on TV all the time. Tennis is boring. Golf is boring. Baseball (National Pastime) everyone knows that is boring. Nascar is boring. It’s just like kids cartoons that come out in the movies, it’s all about promotion. Put the commercials on TV get people interested. If there were no commercials or Happy Meals kids wouldn’t be begging their parents to take them to see the 14th installment of the Lion King or the rerelease of Sleeping Beauty, although it’s been out 20+ years.