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My year was cool, I had a few goals

1. Beat Erhart at Al’s run , for his sneaking in on me the year before with less then 3 yards to go and being the last scoring member. At the time it pissed me off , even though it was good what he did. So I went home that night 2002 and wrote it on my bulletien board by my Treadmill. 29:15 and beat Erhardt.

Results- I tapered for the race big time, went out in perfect pace through 2 miles, and hammered as I chased down Erhart by 2.5 and never looked back to a 4 mile PR of 23:30 and a 8k PR of 28:58 with the last mile in 5:27 ( .97) . That’s my favorite all time race to date. Better than breaking 3 hours in the thon. It was just I put it on the calendar a year away and followed through for a year. Cool!

2. Break 17 for a 5k

I had this one no problem if I kept doing speed work after al’s run, but In the middle of the year I decided to run Chicago so I changed my training, which I would find out later was a mistake. The best I popped was a 17:10 5k in June, although it was a PR not my goal.

4. Chicago 1/2 marathon- Goal 6:15’s

ran a nice race here , stayed patient ran steady and finished the last 3 miles in 18:52 ran 1:21:45 . This was another pleaser for me.

5. Sub 2:50 Marathon

I really blew this one as I found out , to race fast you need to train slow. Yes I said that correctly. I really messed up my Marathon training by trying to Pr all the time in short races. I was tired and overtrained speedwise not overall mileage wise. I forfeited long endurance aerobic training for fast short anaerobic training. Not smart for a marathon.

I went out at 6:40’s through 18 miles , Then I felt shitty and tired through 23. Felt like quitting , walking , giving in. Hung in for a PR 2:59:30.

Very Lucky to get that with the lack of endurance training I did.

So PR’s in 4 distances 5k, 8k, 1/2 marathon, Marathon. But better than that I feel i’m heading in the right direction for my 5 year goals of sub 16 5k and sub 2:40 Marathon. I feel this year I can break 60 min for a 10 miler and 16:30 for a 5k , 2:50 for a thon. I also learned toward the end of the year to race fast you need to peak at the right time and train slow at the beginning. That has really sunk into me !

I feel 2004 is going be really solid!