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Ed 1 wrote:
If anyone believes what Senator Kerry stated in January and I know that most of you believe him, then his exact words were that, we are safer now that Saddam is captured.

We are safer than before he was caught, but we are not safer than before the invasion of Iraq.

Ed 1 wrote:
It is amazing that I should almost have to bring up the reasons that France, Germany and Russia were against the war – in fact I will not do it. You can look it up it is in posts.

My question is – Russia was against pre-emptive strikes or at least they were in our case. Now after the terrible tragedy of the school incident – they stated that they are going to do the same. So is it right or wrong?

You don’t have to bring up the reasons that France, Germany, and Russia were against the war. In fact, they don’t even need a reason. I agree with Ryan; those countries need to do what’s best for their citizens.

No one was against U.S. strikes in Afganistan following the attacks on 9/11. It’s the unrelated attacks in Iraq that a large percent of the world community was/is against.