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Yay, another neuromuscular geek! 🙂

Once again, I’m down with pretty much everything Evets said, with one addition. I’ve found a good anti-catabolic/anabolic protein mix works well when ingested both during and after longer runs for avoid cramps and soreness. You get some hydration from the mix if you dilute it well enough and also get a shot of BCAAs to replenish glycogen mid-exertion, in addition to all the good muscle-protecting proteins (whey-protein hydrolysate — never, ever use a soy product). I highly recommend using Biotest’s Surge. It was originally developed for bodybuilders as a PWO supplement, but the translation to endurance training is remarkable considering runners were the futhest thing from Biotest’s objective when they put it together. You can check it out here:;jsessionid=22C201C4B7DAD29848AF6335389576C4.ba11?id=459244

Take the ad with a grain of salt, it’s a bodybuilding website and quite full of itself, but the product is great. At $21/bottle (you get 10 servings out of it) it’s also quite affordable considering your 32 ounce bottle of Gatorade is about $1.50 or so. Although granted, you don’t usually have to pay for shipping for gatorade. 😉