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Ed 1 wrote:
Dear guest – just a bit of advice – most of the forumites here are pretty good friends

I look in on this forum semi-regularly and it honestly doesn’t show.

I would never by a shoe without trying it on or hitting the t-mill in the store with the shoes on just becuase someone said a certain shoe was the best.

This also was not apparent, but it’s good to know. In that case, my ‘input’ was irrelevant and therefore warrants disregarding.

We do take offense to an anom poster that jumps in once in a great while to point out something trivial.

Who made you judge of what is and what isn’t trivial? If you want to put it that way, when it comes down to it aren’t most posts and threads here basically pointing out or discussing the trivial?

Put yourself in our shoes and think about it.

Practice what you preach, if able.

Good luck.