Re: Short answer:



$$$$$$$$$$ (possibly an understatement)

The IOC is rife with both corruption and ineptitude, ditto the USOC and USATF, and their events are plagued by the same.  Volunteer networks-cum-good ol' boys clubs. 

An individual boycott may satisfy one's conscience (which is usually good enough reason to undertake it), just do not expect any greater good to come of it.  Personally, I just prefer to buy things – when I do – made in the USA or North America or even Europe over Asian-made goods when I can, as it supports my ideal of encouraging businesses and markets that are as local as possible to where I live.  These are businesses and markets that I will likely end up having to rely on as cheap energy (used not just in manufacture but in transport of goods) becomes a thing of the past.  Then again, perhaps China will simply launch fleets of nuclear-powered tankers to deliver goods across the ocean once diesel becomes too expensive, and then we can have nuclear reactors sinking just off our coast or washing ashore after huge Pacific storms.  But I digress.

Oh, and “our media” is owned by corporations (RCA, GE, Westinghouse (BNFL)) which have direct ties to other corporations (Phillip Morris, etc.) and rely on yet more corporations for advertising income and they all rely (at least in-part) on China's economic market.  The fourth estate in the USA is no longer looking out for the best interests of the citizens, it is looking out for the best interests of stockholders. 

Personally, I appreciate and (mostly) agree with Fam's outlook, as encapsulated in the NYT article posted in the news forum on the 6th.