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danm wrote:
If someone came up to me and asked, “Dude, we need you to drive this car from Chicago out to the suburbs some 26 miles away, but… we removed all the gauges like the odometer, speedometer, gas gauge, etc, could you do it for us?”

To be a fair comparison, at least for some people, it would be more like (but, of course, not exactly) “you get all your gauges but your tachometer.” You know what? Even when I drove my manual transmission vehicles, I didn’t need a tachometer and it didn’t even help me when I did look at it. Once I drove the vehicle a bit, I knew when to shift. The tachometer just confirmed what I already knew, much like what I personally found with the HRM. On a vehicle with an automatic transmission, is there any benefit to a tachometer? I have yet to find a benefit to the tachometer on my current vehicle.

danm wrote:
More and more of the top world runners use some sort of scientific device(s) for training/feedback. It is just being plain stubborn to not acknowledge this. Even Wetmore uses them on the guys.

First off, Wetmore uses them about once or twice per season. To suggest that’s really using them for any significant purpose is ridiculous. Trust me, I’m watching the use of everything out there. I’m lucky enough to have a bit of an inside track on the devices used by the group that probably uses more devices than anyone else out there. I find it all fascinating but the more I watch this stuff, the more I realize it’s the training that matters and everything else out there, at least at this time, has limited benefits at best and much of it is just window dressing.

danm wrote:
The key is not to be so closed to the idea as to ward off potential good runners by trying to make them feel it is not necessary.

Just because someone says something has limited, if any, benefit for some people doesn’t mean they are closed to the idea. Sometimes, it means they are open to the idea but have actually found out that the results are not as impressive as some would like to believe.

danm wrote:
Like the gauges in the car, they aren’t necessary. But who’d be a fool not to use them?

Unless they are unnecessary gauges like a tachometer on a car with an automatic transmission.