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Zeke wrote:
Ed 1 wrote:
…it came off like you claimed that Ryan stated that he was all knowing – when Ryan never stated that.

Usually people that are “all knowing” don’t come out and state that claim themselves. It’s usually an impression other people get by their actions.

Well, Dan said in his own words and in no uncertain terms that the person in question did make that claim, in his post in this thread from 11:38 a.m. yesterday.

From another thread:

danm wrote:
Perhaps all 6 posters on this site want to be informed of the “Ryan method. The only way known to man to train. Run a 120 miles a week like me and you too can run a 35 minute 10k.”

Tweaking a the numbers to account for percentages of visitors to koolade drinkers, the exact same could be said for Dan’s “coach” and the moronic site he enjoys immunity on. I’ve never seen anyone other than hacks scrambling for that guy’s input. Wake up, bub.