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The marathon secrets book is just too funny… I’m not that offended by it. Just a complete joke. I think we’ve established that most anyone can make it across the marathon finish line in 5+ hours. Oh, and that there are always jerks on the internet willing to rip people off.

Now, the other site… as you probably know that would be Richard Gibbens from the RW and runtex forums. Living in Austin, I am especially annoyed by this guy. I honestly thought that anyone could read just one of his posts and figure out what a bunch of garbage this is, but apparently some runners in the area are actually going with his approach to training. Promise certain people that they can run well off 2-3 days training/week and they seem to listen regardless of the fact that the author has no credentials and apparently hasn’t written a research paper since his freshman year in high school. I am getting a bad feeling about this guy… he seems to have some sort of agenda. Like maybe he’s trying to build up a small following, get a few success stories, and then move on to try and scam some money with his lies.

I try to tell myself that a runner with any real drive and potential can avoid this nonsense, but then again a new or younger runner, or perhaps an veteran who hasn’t done his homework, may not be able to draw the right conclusions. Now alot of us can probably read just about any sentence in his “articles” and find at least one huge flaw in his facts or reasoning. But apparently there are plenty of people who can’t get past the 2-3 days/week to success idea. I am really beginning to understand why good distance runners tend to be intelligent and well educated… for one thing, this kind of junk (though this stuff is exceptionally stupid) won’t affect them. Unfortunately, no coach or author can teach people to be reasonable.