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Mark5000 wrote:
Ryan, your patience blows my mind sometimes. Alot of what you do at RW seems to involve repeating similar advice week after week, with a few fresh topics thrown in to keep you sane. From what I read over there, it sounds like many runners are getting the point. You and kemibe have definitely helped me get my act together as far as my training goes, and that’s just from lurking and checking out your sites (both found by clicking on magpie’s links at RW). Cleansing my brain of so much of the bs picked up over the years has been a nice change.

Anyone else notice any parallels between Gibbens and Atkins?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but let’s give Atkins a little bit of credit here. 🙂

I like it when Ryan ruffles feathers in the RW marathon forum. That last one was pretty good. Oh, yeah that poster said something about hoping that the 4th place runner would end up running in the Olympics. Oh that was great entertainment. Gave me something to do for about 10 minutes. It was really quite unfair. Ryan got attacked for a misunderstanding. People are too sensitive 😥