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Ed1 wrote:
Has any one here written an e-mail to the President other than me?

Yes. I have in fact written letters or e-mails to every President/President’s office since Reagan. Considering the fact that Carter was out of office shortly before my 4th birthday, I hope it’s acceptable that I didn’t write a letter to him.

Ed1 wrote:
One question if the liberal city of Milwaukee keeps dumping untreated waste into Our Great Lake no amount of money will clean it up. So why waste the money – those millions of dollars would act as a bandaide when a tourniquet is needed. Billions of gallons of poop and condoms being dumped into the Lake is more an than anything not done by the President.

Here we go again blaming the Liberals on everything that is wrong. Let’s see, where to start? Well, first, I hope you’re not so self-centered to realize that “Great Lakes” restoration encompasses much more than just a small portion of the shoreline of one of the lakes. Remember, there are 5 Great Lakes. Milwaukee only takes up a small percentage of the shoreline of one of those 5. Also remember, there is much more to restoration than simply cleaning up polluted water. What about restoring shorelines eroded by human activity or protecting those shorelines before they are eroded? The fact is one of our nation’s greatest natural resources needs a lot of help in many forms. Yes, locals have to do their part in cleaning things up but that wasn’t Bush’s reasoning for not giving money for restoration. His reasoning was that more research (with no explanation of what “more research” would encompass) was needed on what’s happening in the lakes, that the decades worth of research suggesting we are quickly running out of time apparently wasn’t enough. The fact is we are running out of time. Our shorelines are eroding beyond repair in some areas. Pollution from sources such as power plants, cargo ships, pleasure boats, industrial waste, and yes municipal dumpings of untreated wastewater (which accounts for a miniscule percentage of the total pollution even in the Milwaukee area but should still be fixed ASAP) is killing the ecosystem. Something has to be done before one of our greatest resources is lost forever. This is not a time for politics and it’s not a time for the local/federal debate. Local municipalities have to do their part to clean up, Milwaukee should be forced into a solution for their problem, but the federal government needs to step in, just as it did to restore the Everglades, to restore one of our country’s greatest natural resources before it is lost forever.

Ed1 wrote:
Maybe the Siera Cub lawyer that keeps dumping the poop into Lake Michigan should be thrown in jail

I seriously hope you’re not actually trying to blame the Sierra Club on Milwaukee’s failures.

Ed1 wrote:
again another case of liberals forging documents.

Again, trying to look at things in black and white. Have you ever considered the possibility that both sides are right sometimes and wrong sometimes? Have you ever considered the possibility that some issues, such as Great Lakes restoration, are important enough and clear enough that they should (and have for over two decades until Bush) transcend politics?

I find it interesting how conservatives are holding on to the CBS documents so tightly. I didn’t see the liberals holding on to the lies from SBVT like this. Can’t we get beyond the lies from both sides about events of the past and focus on what matters?