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First of all – I am glad that you write every President and of course you are excused for not writting to Carter.

I agree about the Lakes they are so very important. I camp in the North woods yearly and watch as the lakes up there literally die. That bothers me tremendously – the lakes that are now dead, died from damage from more than the past three years, it has been decades (includes the President Clinton years).

As for the Siera Club – it is their top lawyer that is the president/CEO of MMSD – the poop dumping specialists. Why did the Siera club not protest the multi-billion gallon dumping? They protest companies that pollute – even if those companies make attempts to correct problems. But no protest ever came at MMSD – explain this please. Also, if you missed it in the news the MMSD people forged testing documents related to all of the dumpings this past year – to make them seem “not so dirty”.

So I guess we should ignore forged documents and outright slander? If a top lawyer for a conservative group ran MMSD it would be National news and the Siera Club would have held candle light vigils begging for that lawyer to be thrown in jail for creating false testing documents. But now that the shoe is on the other foot – conservatives are being asked to ignore the forgeries and slanderous lies. Also the CBS documents are recent forgeries and not from 30 years ago – the slanderous story based on forged documents occured very recently. I swear that if the President Bush camp created fake documents on Senator Kerry the liberals would be asking for an impeachment. Do not deny that.

I do agree that both sides are right and both sides are wrong. Right now I think that both sides are more wrong than right.

Consider this – one of the worst cities in terms of economic recovery is Milwaukee – Democrats have controlled the City for decades. Democrats keep taxing the rich (because they have money) and voila jobs and people are fleeing the city. Wisconsin is one of the most heavily taxed states and lags the National average in jobs coming back and other aspects of economic recovery. Wisconsin is controlled by a Democrat Govenor.

This cannot be the only issue but it is part of it.

BTW have you noticed Senator Kerry’s new position on Sadam? In January 2004 Senator Kerry told Senator Dean that any one who says Sadam should not be taken out of power and the war was wrong was not fit to lead this Country. Yesterday Senator Kerry stated that if he was in power Sadam would not have been taken into captivity. Does this mean that by his own words he is not fit to lead? Or should Senator Dean challenge Senator Kerry again for the Demcratic Nomination?