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Do you ever listen to WTMJ radio – they open sometimes with a audio piece of Senator Kerry speaking where he in his own words and voice states that Sadam has had WMD, wants WMD and uses WMD, he in his own words and voice states that we (America) have been destroying those weapons for seven years etc… This is not some one else speaking it is Senator Kerry’s recorded voice.

At any time did I ever say that all the MMSD people are liberals? No I did not.

I have a question for you – if Senator Kerry says he will help to fix the Great Lakes as well as other lakes – will he change his mind in a month or two like he does with everything else that he has made a statement about?

As for the Siera Club I went to their website and there was nothing posted on it about MMSD – I e-mailed them asking about MMSD and never received a response. Actually I e-mailed them a number of times to each listed place to contact asking for it to be forwarded to the appropriate person – no response. I’ll bet if I asked for an anti-Bush bumper sticker I would have gotten 1,000 in the mail the next day. Again – a lack of true environmental responsability. But I’ll e-mail them again asking to see their official statement about MMSD – bet I receive no info.

The idea to impeach President Clinton was not for an affair it was for lying to a Grand Jury – something that would have put you or I into Federal prison for up to eight years. I did not agree with the impeachment – that should in my opinion be saved for grievous actions.

I have an idea here – lets not follow the examples of the two that want to be our leaders and start discussing (without fault or blame) what the serious issues are and how we think they should be handled. Then we can write whomever wins and bring our ideas (from all political sides of the fence) to him.