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Hi folks,

I know its a liitle late to be getting back and I know its important to provide feedback. I ran my 10K on the 5th Feb. My time was 42 mins 38 seconds. 5.5 minutes faster than the exact same race on the exact same course 12 months ago.

As I was saying my target was 40 minutes. From my review of the day I was pretty content with the time. The surface was very difficult (for me). I regretted my run the week before as it took alot out of me which I didn’t realise until half way through the race.

The other major thing was that I ran out of energy on the last lap. By the time I crossed the finish line I was totally weak and needed to sit down for about 5 minutes. Having not experienced this before I was scared.

At the race the previous week I was on 6 minute miles for the first 2 miles so when I was at the same pace on the race of the 5th I was happy but this was incorrect thinking as 6 minute pace was too fast for me and caused me to slow too much in the middle miles.

In summary:

Happy with my performance content with the time and happy with my improvement.

With the same level of improvement over the next 12 months those guys at the front better watch out.

Thanks for the advise guys I am sorry I didn’t beak 40 mins but thats for another day.