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Ed 1 wrote:
Hey Bart – I hope that you are not in Cali because of Katrina. Are your friends and relatives ok?

No, I transferred to California this summer. My last day in Louisiana was June 3. The only reason I was in Louisiana was because I was stationed there. All my family lives in California, so we’re all fine.

I spoke with a couple of people I worked with in Louisiana, and they all survived without any injuries or irreversable damage. I lived an hour or so west of New Orleans, where the major damage occurred. One guy I used to work with had a tree limb fall through his roof, but that’s the worst damage that anybody I know suffered. The people I worked with missed the worst of the damage. Their biggest issue was loss of electricity for about a week and a half. I heard through a friend of my daughter that the town we lived in flooded during Hurricane Rita, but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. Either way, every seems to be relatively well.