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I guess I’ll just let you know what I’ve been doing. It’s too late to start this 10 days from your race.

I was doing 60 miles a week until the 1st of August. At that point I wanted to start freshening up a bit so I cut my mileage to 45-50 mpw. Now I’ve eased back to 40-45 and will end up the first of October about 35 ending my season with a half marathon.

Workout wise I was basically doing a long and very hard interval workout every week for about 6-7 weeks through July. I basically cut that out the 1st of August. I was also doing some longer tempo runs alternating with mile repeats at tempo pace every week. Those were reduced in volume, but still included almost every week.

What I did start incorporating was very fast workouts and mixed workouts. One specific speed workout I am using is 3 sets of 200, 200, 400 at about 800 meter race pace. It’s very fast, but doesn’t gut you like an interval workout. I also do ALL OUT sprints every other week or so.

I also have cut my long days out about every other week and reduced them to about 10 miles on the weeks I do them.

I agree with Ryan there is a balance between too much and too little. I have experienced both ways and this year I have proven to myself that I have found the correct balance.