Re: thanks



thanks bunches for the advice!

i’ve checked out higdon and i think i’m going to combine a little bit of two of the marathon schedules i saw. the beginner wasn’t nearly enough mileage and i would not feel prepared. not to mention i would like something that has me running at least 5 or 6 days. i’ve got a decent base under my belt. i also ran cross and track in college (i graduated a year and a half ago), so i’ve got a good bit of race experience. i thought maybe looking at the intermediate II mileage and then subsituting some of the hill and interval repeats from the advanced program.

i think the long run just scares me cuz i’ve never done anything over 13 miles. i’ve gotten a couple ten milers in the past 3 months or so, but thats it, a couple. i’ve also heard conflicting ideas about whether a 20+miler is needed before a marathon. strangely enough, while the practice long run scares me, the marathon doesn’t really worry me. go figure.

the marathon is july 9th. i think that is 21 weeks from now. so hopefully that is plenty of time to prepare. if this was a normal marathon i would be trying to shoot for a time under 4 but this one i’m just looking to make it to the “official” finish (which closes after 5 hours). there are some downs but the elevation change from bottom to top is about 1,000 feet. it will be rough i’m sure, but what the hell. i bet it might be a little fun, too.

i appreciate all the help and anymore that people have to offer. and if anyone is running it or has run it, let me know! i’ll see ya at the finish, even if i have to crawl to the end.

steeplegal 🙂