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dude, don’t just assume we are all midpackers here. You labeling us as midpackers without knowing any of our times is just as bad as us poo-pooing midpacker awards without knowing the circumstances.

Race directors can give awards to anyone they want…….4th overall female with left shoe 1/2 size larger than right show can be a category if they want it to be, but that doesn’t mean we have to aceept it.

We have the right to not be cool with it, that is the basis of debate, which stimultates converstion, which is good.

One of my favorite running topics to debate is how “fast” can someone finish a marathon and still be able to say they “ran” it or be considered a “marathoner”. It usualy tends to bring up a lot of viewpoints, which I like.

btw…this is ferris…..”cybernanny” wouldnt let me log in….grrrr.