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When I think about it, I am not totally comfortable with the idea of coaching my daughter. I think that I could do it for a time, but at some point, I would want her to step into a different program. I think that I could prepare her for that.

Right now, she is only seven. She enjoys running as part of play and I do not want to push her in any direction at this point. Although I am sure that eventually, she will come to some 5Ks with me. I do not know that she will ever be interested enough to train specifically to race. She has expressed some interest in soccer. I am quite certain that she will enjoy that. She is also interested in horses (via her mother) and we are encouraging that through riding lessons. She will be tall. She will no doubt have people trying to interest her in volleyball and basketball.

I am not sure that she will be able to participate in high school sports. She and my wife are homeschooling. Perhaps since they’re doing it through a school district program, there might be options available when she gets there. If not, I know that there are youth sports clubs that she could join for whatever sport she is interested in.

Although my first choice would not be to be head coach for her team, I would do that if that is what is needed. I would prefer to be an assistant.