Re: There’s the key


Zeke wrote:
I’m no web designing expert, but there’s gotta be a reason for me to add you to my favorites and keep coming back.

You may not be a web design expert but you know the #1 rule for websites that are trying to increase traffic. Web designers call it sticky content. You need to give visitors a reason to come back. This is sometimes done by offering content that they will want to re-read many times. However, the most effective way is through ever changing content. This is why forums (if you have a cgi-bin and/or database available to you) are popular. The visitors themselves offer the ever changing content. The catch to this is you need a good base of visitors before forums are effective at this. The next best option is to offer things that you will update on a regular basis. The training log is good as long as you update it daily/weekly/monthly. Also, if you have opinions on things that people would want to read, monthly/bimonthly articles on your opinions can be good.