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For the most part, I’ll just say ditto to the others but I’ll throw another thought out there. Suppose you went to sleep at 1:00 (Did the game really go that long? I went to bed well before it was over.) and had to get up at 5:00 to get your run in during the morning hours. Would this be more detrimental than doing the run in the evening instead of the morning? Personally, I don’t think time of day is that big of an issue in the first place as long as you run frequently enough at the time your goal race will be to be comfortable running at that time. I usually accomplish this with nothing more than my Saturday morning runs. What is a bigger issue is making sure you are prepared for each run and part of that equation is getting enough rest between runs. Of course, how much is enough is different for everyone but I know I wouldn’t function all that well on only a few hours of sleep.