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Funny that you called it a ‘confidence booster’. I actually felt the opposite way about the run.

After I was on my own I found it difficult to maintain my usual long run pace and, until I got that rest while changing cloths, I doubt I could have finished without slowing even more.

If not for the fact that my overall pace for the entire run worked out to 8:14, which is pretty much my goal for long runs, that I don’t feel totally ‘crushed’ today.

And yes, I agree this is no way for me to run long runs. This was a unique set of circumstances and it sounds like these guys meet for long runs all over Long Island and will not be back to my route anytime soon.

My usual Sunday run is usually the opposite of this one. I generally start off at 8:30-8:40 pace and gradually pick up the pace so that by the midpoint I am running about 8:15. I continue to pick up the pace usually finishing with a ‘fast’ couple of last miles around 7:45. Running a long run and finishing fast and strong always builds my confidence.

Yesterday, on the verge of quitting around mile 16 I felt very little ‘confidence’.