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Sounds like a tough race. I never tried running trails so its hard for me to picture how much tougher it is.

The terrain of a trail race must make it difficult to compare results from one race to another. How many runners in an average trail race? I guess it must be a much smaller field then a road race.

I also guess your not going to find too many on course aid-stations. Is that why you need to wear the camel-back?

I almost bought one of those last week. Running loops so I can stop home for water is boring.

I never carried water while running and I wasn’t sure I would like it. I decided to buy something cheap. This way if it didn’t work out it I could throw it out and if I liked it I could upgrade later.

I bought a bottle carrier that goes around the waist. I used in on Saturdays long run and it worked pretty good. I didn’t start drinking until about mile 12 and it lasted till the end. It might not be enough water during mid-summer so I may still wind up buying something with more capacity.

I saw the camel-backs at Sports Authority. They had the small waist attached one. Based on what you said I’m glad I didn’t buy it. On the other hand the one in the picture looks to large and heavy. How bad was the smaller waist attached one?