Re: Training



I could see running with a HRM. I have never been opposed to the idea that they could help. I’m more of a detriment to myself. I just put on the shoes and go. My complete lack of following warning signs and the laziness to do anything about them usually lays me up a couple times a year.

I measure my resting heart rate when I arise first thing in the AM. It can be a good indicator of how tired I am. It is not an exact science, but it does mean something to me when I’m running high 3-4 days in a row. If I’m in the high 50’s then I usually good, but when it’s close to 70 I’m generally working to hard, or have finish a killer workout the day before.

Right now, I’m going to hobble along until the Ice Age 50. Then I think I’m going to skip the 100 miler and maybe take a month off to get healed up. This way I can possibly ease into June and by August crank it up for a race somewhere.

A HRM is a tool. I can’t fathom how it wouldn’t be usefull if used properly. That I don’t wear one doesn’t mean I’m opposed to the idea. In fact, if anyone knows where I can get one for a song (I’m cheap by nature) I may experiment with one myself.