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Miles and Miles cool to see you were lurking. By the way, congrats on the trials and hope you can get back to speed soon.

I miss running in the bay area where I lived from ’90 to ’95. I ran for the East Bay Striders with Thom Trimble, Jeff Teeters and a few others. (we were a force to be reckoned with at the Tahoe Relays!!! 2nd place 4 years running).

Please do post your training as this has become a hot topic of late.

I was just talking with Woody and I think we both agree there is definitely something with genetics, desire, etc that get us to a certain level. I see a lot of runners who run 70-80 miles per week running 18:30 5k’s and 40 minute 10k’s and I wonder why, yet they still say their plan is to try and run in the trials in 2, 4, or whatever years. RIGHT!

The best example of how difficult it is to make the trials is Dan Mayer who is the local stud here in Chicago. I mean the guy was a 28:45 10k national champion and he cannot make the trials! He is still cleaning up around here at all distances but can’t seem to get that time in the low 2:20’s in the marathon that he has attempted several times now.

I don’t mean this as a dis on any one runner. The goal should be to try and get the most out of your running now. If you think running in the trials in 2012 is a goal, start with a gradual progression and see where it leads. Like the guys above said, lay a base, measure your base with a season of racing and do this for a few years to see if it is even within the realm of possiblilty for you as a runner.

I have bad news for some people, it is not in the cards. There is a big enough genetic factor that training really hard will not overcome.

But that is my opinion…and I may be wrong.