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If you’re running 10 miles a day right now, there is no training plan at RW for you. The problem with the RW training plans is that they assume the people using them didn’t bother building a base. You have, so you’re ahead of the game. If you want to use an RW plan, consider it a template. Do the workouts it suggests, adjusted for volume if needed, and fill in mileage levels that are more appropriate for where you will be when you start the plan. You may not be able to increase volume as much over the course of the training plan as the RW plan calls for but you won’t need to because you’re starting at a much higher level.

Better yet, find another plan to use as a template. There are many out there and most are less minimal than RW’s plans. However, whenever you look at any plan, remember that they don’t have to be followed to the letter. If you find one you like and it starts at 50 mpw while you’re already up to 70 mpw, bump up the numbers a bit to match your starting level. You may have to drop your volume a bit as you increase intensity but that drop shouldn’t have to be too extreme.