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I have settled into a training week which varies very little. Each day of the week has it’s own workout and I manage that day how it comes at me.

For marathons, lower miles, but more volume speed. For ultras, more miles, but lower volume speed w/ higher intensity.

I’m starting to find out that reaching 90 miles a week isn’t that much if you manage it one day at a time. I’m also learning that the body can be tired, but surprisingly rejuvenated come the next morning. I’m really “just running” on all but two of my workouts a week.

The biggest change the past year has been the Sunday run of 14-16 miles after my long run on Saturday. Averaging 35 on 2 weekend runs hasn’t been killing me, nor has the 48+ on Tue-Wed-Thu I do mid-week. One key is the laughingly slow miles I run on Monday and Friday. Most of the time I am comfortably tired, which I’m strating to get used to.

I’m still evolving my training. Most of us are. I just read Joan Benoit’s book from 87′ and picked up a couple things I liked. This training hasn’t just appeared. You guys know me, many on this site do not. The miles I am currently running are from a 4-5 year progression and learning process.

I will pile up the miles in February and come March I will probably cut back to 85. Honestly, I only have 8.6 weeks left before nationals. I need to focus on getting the rest days in easy, build strength, and then work the fuel injection.