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My 2 cents on the t-mill. Being a YMCA member I can tell the t-mill can get stifling. In the lower cardio room where it gets crowded, I can’t go as nearly as well as I can on the same t-mill up on the open air gym track. Then I can go on the little track with all the turns but you can really feel the difference moving air makes. I always run faster on the track more comfortably, then the tmill next to this same track. Downstairs in the little room, I’m gassed in a hurry and the more people the there the worse it gets. Especially over the winter or training for Boston, I’ve used a lot of t-mill training for the sole purpose that I recover easier off the thing. Makes sense, the trails are more forgiving than the track to me and the track more forgiving than asphalt, asphalt more than concrete. End analysis, while easier on the legs for their recovery, the tmill is tougher on the lungs as your body temp soars in place. PSKI