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RandyS wrote:
Does anyone think the steady pace of a treadmill causes more soreness than the roads; where pace varies slightly from minute to minute?

I doubt it but I’m sure the slightly different mechanics of a treadmill cause more soreness for me on the rare occasion I step on one because my muscles are used slightly differently.

RandyS wrote:
Strickly speaking Lydiard would say I lost the benefit of this workout (and I agree to a point). How badly did the stops impact the workout?

I also agree to a point. However, I think a lot of people have taken Lydiard’s 12 second statement and treated it as though he meant you totally wasted your long run if you stop for more than 12 seconds. I doubt the impact on your workout was anything more than negligible.

Peter wrote:
I hope that the driver got ticketed for failure to yield, and at the very least this corrects the motorist’s driving behavior.

I love it when people get stopped like that. I’ve seen it a few times, once when someone made an illegal right on red and almost hit me and a couple of times when they didn’t stop. The driver probably got some kind of ticket but I doubt this will change the driver’s practices in any way.