Re: True



I’ve been guilty of that — Trying to find the magic potion. 😀 I think trying a few things is OK , I actually love trial and error. Narrow it down to what worked for you what didn’t and go from there. Once you find something that excites and motivates you and you see some positive results stick with it. Thats why there are hundreds and hundreds of coaches who take snipets from each other and put them into their program with their personality. You have to respect whoever you choose and blend into there personality type. Before that line gets quoted I’m not saying you have to like your coach– But athletes tend to pick-up on the personality of the coach and take a lot of there traits.

I personally don’t need a motivational coach– ALA pski — I think Pski would be a great coach good motivator been in the trenches. I don’t respond to that I need a guy with tons of knowledge who will give me proven workouts for other athletes he or she coached and let me off on my own , I don’t need any motivation I have plently of that. Now a guy like kooch with a lot of talent might need somebody to ride his ass everyday to get him out there digging. What I’m saying is everybody is different –with different buttons to push the key is finding the right person to push the right buttons.